Quietly, actually Boy friend like to Make These foods By his favorite Girl

Where the heck are guy dont want if the smart learn to Cook? Or at least, this could be his favorite little girl tell which pepper, coriander ubiquitous. Not intend to sue the guy, the desire to learn is actually quite simple. Yes, he wants to learn about being a good mom, later if indeed berjodoh. Huhuy!
Well, since Hipwee Tips know very well if presenting the results of his own cuisine food that's more memorable than eating at a restaurant or the like, 6 menu might help you to please the hearts of cowokmu!
1. Sufficient capital in a rice cooker, a delicious pancake nan this sweet you can make and serve for snacks while chatting both
Without an oven or other expensive equipment, you can make a delicious pancake kok but still favoured by cowokmu. Here's how to cook it:
• 200 g pancake mix
• 1 piece egg
• 30 gr granulated sugar
• 160 ml fresh milk
• 50 gr butter (melted)
How to make:
• beat the eggs using a hand, wait until thick
• Enter the liquid milk and sugar, mix again
• Enter the pancake mix, stir again until there's no rotate
• Enter the melted butter, stir it back
• grease the rice cooker with butter, pour batter into it
• turn on the rice cooker, Cook until done (skewer with toothpicks, if it is not sticky, it means that ripe
• If the rice cooker is already in position ' warm ' but immature pancake, turn on the ' cook ' again (usually need 25-30 minutes new used to be completely cooked)
• serve while warm in atasa plate, then add the strawberry or Blueberry jam toppingseperti. Nyumm!
2. Although simple, make know cocol will provide its own impression on the hearts of the cowokmu
Wow, girl I'm clever Cook ya!
• 2 know
• salt and soy sauce to taste
• 5 cloves shallots
• 7 chili fruit
How to make:
• cut-cut the tofu, soaked in salt water for a bit, then deep-fried
• Fry the onions, then sample the chili, uleg
• penyet fried tofu on top of chili sauce or simply just dicocol
• serve while hot!
• Simple anyway, but you can create a warm atmosphere with only the capital know just 🙂 cocol
• 3. Cowokmu sure glad if anyone who makes breakfast for her. Yes, the omelet is the answer
• Not just nutritional, rich omelets as well could be a sign of love, lho! Gini ya how to cook it:
• 5 eggs
• 3 pieces of sausage, sliced
• 6 pieces of meatballs, sliced
• 2 Leek stalks, sliced
• 2 red onions, sliced
• 2 tbsp tomato sauce
• 1 tbsp mayonais
• & salt pepper to taste
How to make:
• Whisk the egg off and enter the sliced onion, stir
• Enter the salt, pepper, tomato sauce, stir & mayonais
• pour 4-5 tbsp dough to teflon, sprinkle sliced Meatball and sausage cooked, wait for the bottom, just behind
• serve while hot with sauce or fresh chilli
Which guy is not happy when treated this way? : ')
4. Fried noodle specials, cheap food craving every guy!
Because there are guys who love to cook or, generally instant noodles is the foremost choice for them. Well, dont hurt you presented it, but with the manner and the materials are different than usual!
• 2 pieces fried noodles instant (feel free)
• 2 fresh tomatoes
• 2 red onions (fried, for sprinkling in mie)
• 4 pieces of garlic (finely mashed together with salt)
• 2 tbsp butter or cooking oil
• 1 piece of sausage or meatballs
• 2 eggs
• flavor enhancer to taste
How to make:
• boiled instant noodles (cooked, drain the waiting)
• heat the oil or butter, stir in garlic that already mashed, stir-fry until aromatic
• Insert 1 piece of egg, stir until half-cooked
• Enter the meatballs or sausage, sauteed until flat
• Enter the noodles that have been boiled, stirring, continue by entering bumbu-bumbunya
• stir, wait until aromatic and cooked
• While waiting, fry 1 eggs rest, diceplok only
• tomato slices to taste
• lift up the noodles, put it on a plate, then place the egg fried egg, tomato and fried onions on it.
• serve it hot!
Wah, wah ... cowokmu is definitely the more love ya 🙂
5. Snacking delectable romantic ideal cowokmu both as well. Tugasmu, make special noodle lilit sausage for her!
How to make it not as difficult as imagined. Does it cost any cheaper festive!
• 6 pieces of sausage chicken or beef
• 1 packet of instant noodles
• cooking oil to taste
• tomato sauce or chili
• mayonais
• skewer to taste
How to make:
• boiled instant noodles (bumbunya is not used), the wait is cooked, drain
• prepare the sausage skewer lengthwise, tusukkan and noodle stew last in the entire body of the sausages until well
• heat oil, FRY sausage noodle with hot medium
• wait for the sausage cooked noodles with a brownish color, drain
• serve on a plate already outfitted sauces and mayonais.
So, sure ya still doubt make?

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