Some Recipes Breakfast Menu which is Easy and simple, prospective Young mothers Compulsory Try!

Though unmarried, but dont hurt dong from now prepare to be young mothers? One of these you can start styling your nih breakfast menu what wrote that will be served to your family later on. Because breakfast is important, you need to be smart choose what dishes will be served.

The ability to cook still in the taraf segitu-gitu aja, cause you cook a practical menu deh. Although practical, dont mean its nutrition value zero Yes.
Therefore, the Hipwee get to know breakfast menu what is good for the body of aja nih. Not just practical, but also wrote a kayak will be nutrition. 7 refer to the following cooking recipes yuk to be immediately you try at home!
1. Eggs indeed so side mainstay. In addition to the rich nutrition, make an omelet and fried egg would have guaranteed easy!
Scrambled eggs and fried egg udah nih famous because its nutrition value content of a good for activity. Hence, no wrong if this second menu deh became the mainstay of the young mothers. Let alone cooked it really handy.
Omelette ingredients:
• 3 eggs
• 1 tbsp butter
• leeks, cut soft
• 4 cloves garlic, chopped until smooth
• 2 pieces of curly red pepper or cayenne pepper (to taste), cut a round thin-thin
• ¼ TSP pepper
• ¼ tsp salt (to taste)
How to make:
• Combine whole ingredients, shake until evenly distributed.
• Heat the butter, then scrambled and fried until cooked yellow golden color.
• When it's ready, served deh!
Recipe taken from:
Fried egg egg ingredients:
• Eggs
• cooking oil to taste
• salt to taste
How to make:
• heat oil fried egg and fried egg, then sprinkle salt to taste.
• When it's cooked, lift and drain.
• Egg fried egg ready to be served. So there is a sense of spiciness, you can add the chilli sauce, soy sauce, or tomato sauce while enjoying it with rice.
Less what mudahmya? The ingredients easily found and cooked it is not time-consuming. If again the second rush, this menu is indeed the most fitting deh.
2. Or if want to eat eggs without the rice, you can cook the omelette specials make your children later
Certainly there are times when you or members of your family are bored with the menu of the egg it – it wrote. To that end, Hipwee presents nih recipe makes omelets as friends in the morning. There are ingredients like beef and sausage is increasingly enriching nutrition. Please apply the following recipe: Yes
• 4 eggs
• 150 Gr. of beef, chopped
• 2 sosi, cut into pieces
• 2 tbsp butter
• 15 Gr. beans, sliced thinly and angle
• 30 gr of carrots, sliced
• fried onion to taste
• 1 piece of onion, chopped
• Cheese to taste
• salt to taste
• pepper powder to taste
• 20 gr of milk powder
How to make:
• materials that will be used are washed clean so dirt and harmful chemical substances stick can disappear.
• Next, heat the butter on top of the skillet and add the onions. Stir-fry until fragrant and add the string beans, carrots, and chopped meat to skillet. Continue stir-frying until wilted and cooked meat sayurannya. Once cooked, lift and turn off the stove.
• then, prepare the eggs in a container and mix with onion, and other ingredients such as powdered milk, salt, pepper powder, and fried onions. Stir all ingredients until dough is well mixed with the flat.
• For omeletnya, heat a little butter in a frying pan. Then pour egg batter and fillings that you've previously created. After that, the sprinkle of cheese to taste. You wait until the eggs are cooked and roll the omelette. Don't forget behind Yes that all sides omeletnya mature.
• Once cooked, lift and serve ya dipiring pretty.
To complement, you can add a chilli sauce to taste. If you want added mayonnaise can also be, anyway the terenak according to seleramu deh. ;D

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